About & Contact

Hi, my name is Vita. I like working on interesting projects and often use Python for that. My specialty is Python performance and distributed systems. I made this page after a friend asked me for a summary of important Python news in the past year. I couldn't find a good, comprehensive summary, so I decided to create it myself.

I subscribe to the PyCoder's Weekly newsletter and recommend it to everyone. It's great for following hot news and interesting developments every week. However, I was missing a big summary of the year and the emergent themes.

I took all the PyCoder's emails from 2023 and extracted the links and descriptions. The original idea of "shove everything into ChatGPT and get a magical summary" didn't quite work out, and I found myself cleaning and filtering lots of data, and integrating with a bunch of APIs. To identify topics, I used BERTopic preceded by some NLP preprocessing. ChatGPT/OpenAI was still useful for generating summaries of the topics. To score the links and the topics they form, I used the GitHub API and Ahrefs. Finally, to build the website I used my favourite Pelican and a theme from HTML5 UP.

Please let me know if this compilation has been useful! Feel free to get in touch on LinkedIn or via this form.