The most popular Python projects in 2023

A lot of interesting Python projects have been shared in 2023. Here are the top 100 that became the most popular on GitHub. The order of popularity is a weighted sum of stars, forks, and subscribers.

Auto-GPT: Experiment to Make GPT-4 Fully Autonomous Started in 2023

AutoGPT is the vision of accessible AI for everyone, to use and to build on. Our mission is to provide the tools, so that you can focus on what matters.

Awesome Design Patterns

This is a curated list of software and architecture design patterns. It has language specific sections as well as general architecture sections such as cloud, big data, devops, IOT, serverless, micro-services, and more.

faiss: Similarity Search & Clustering of Dense Vectors

A library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors.

A Curated List of Free Courses & Certifications

A curated list of free courses & certifications.

mlx: MLX: An Array Framework for Apple Silicon Started in 2023

MLX: An array framework for Apple silicon

pandas-ai: Integrates Generative AI Into Pandas Started in 2023

Chat with your data (SQL, CSV, pandas, polars, noSQL, etc). PandasAI makes data analysis conversational using LLMs (GPT 3.5 / 4, Anthropic, VertexAI) and RAG.

RedditVideoMakerBot: Create Videos With One Command

Create Reddit Videos with just✨ one command ✨

csvkit: A Suite of CSV Utilities

A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.

rtx: Runtime Executor (asdf Rust Clone) Started in 2023

dev tools, env vars, task runner

jsonformer: Generate Structured JSON From Language Models Started in 2023

A Bulletproof Way to Generate Structured JSON from Language Models

Baserow: OSS Airtable Alternative

Baserow is an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative. Create your own database without technical experience. Our user friendly no-code tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.

sketch: AI Code-Writing Assistant for Pandas

AI code-writing assistant that understands data content

nanobind: Tiny and Efficient C++/Python Bindings

nanobind: tiny and efficient C++/Python bindings

pyOCD: Python for Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Open source Python library for programming and debugging Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers

pybroker: Algorithmic Trading in Python With ML Started in 2023

Algorithmic Trading in Python with Machine Learning

msgspec: Write/Validate JSON, MessagePack, YAML, & TOML

A fast serialization and validation library, with builtin support for JSON, MessagePack, YAML, and TOML

communitynotes: Docs & Code Powering Twitter’s Notes

Documentation and source code powering Twitter's Community Notes

python-benedict: Dict Subclass With Keylist/Keypath Support

:blue_book: dict subclass with keylist/keypath support, built-in I/O operations (base64, csv, html, ini, json, pickle, plist, query-string, toml, xls, xml, yaml), s3 support and many utilities.

Shreddit: Remove Your Comment History on Reddit

Remove your comment history on Reddit as deleting an account does not do so.

learndb-py: Learn Database Internals by Implementing One

Learn database internals by implementing it from scratch.

dlt: Data Load Tool Makes Data Loading Easy

data load tool (dlt) is an open source Python library that makes data loading easy 🛠️

polyfactory: Factories for Mock Data Generation

Simple and powerful factories for mock data generation

humanhash: Human-Readable Digests

Human-readable digests.

functime: Time-Series ML and Embeddings at Scale Started in 2023

Time-series machine learning at scale. Built with Polars for embarrassingly parallel feature extraction and forecasts on panel data.

atbswp: A Minimalist Macro Recorder

A minimalist macro recorder

pypipe: Python Pipe Command Line Tool Started in 2023

Python pipe command line tool

gpt-json: Structured and Typehinted GPT Responses Started in 2023

Structured and typehinted GPT responses in Python

pyobd: Open Source Obd2 Auto Diagnostics Program Started in 2023

open source obd2 car diagnostics program - reuploaded

Above: Invisible Network Protocol Sniffer

Invisible network protocol sniffer