10 underappreciated Python articles in 2023

Getting attention on the internet is hard these days. Sometimes you may spend a lot of time and effort to tell the world about something important, only to watch your message get lost in the relentless march of history.

This section is dedicated to the articles that didn't get the attention they deserved. These underdogs were hand-picked from the group of articles with the fewest backlinks (unlike the top articles section). They are all great, and hopefully this will help them being (re)discovered. Get in touch if you want to suggest an article for this section.

Creating a Great Python DevX

This article talks about the different tools you commonly come across as part of the Python development experience. It gives an overview of black, nox, ruff, Mypy, and more, covering why you should use them when you code your own projects.


Python and Folium to Visualize My Outdoor Activities

Embark on an expedition of exploration and mapping! Learn how to breathe life into your GPX files and create interactive maps using Python and Folium.


Evolution of MicroPython Poster

This PDF poster was created in celebration of MicroPython’s 10th birthday and covers the history of the project back from its original kickstarter in 2013.


Data Validation in Python: Pandera and Great Expectations

Data validation is a vital step in any data-oriented workstream. This post investigates and compares two popular Python data validation packages: Pandera and Great Expectations


Popular Airline Passenger Routes

This article talks about scraping passenger count data from Wikipedia and building visualizations for it. It uses wikitextparser for scraping, DuckDB for data, and rich for the terminal interface.


Boost Your Python Performance Using Continuous Profiling

Learn how to use Grafana Phlare and continuous profiling to discover bottlenecks in you code and boost the performance of your Python applications