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Building REST APIs and Web Applications with Flask in Python

Building web applications and APIs using Flask, a micro web framework in Python, alongside related technologies such as web assembly. The documents cover topics ranging from creating REST APIs with CRUD operations using Flask and Docker to comparing performance between Python and Rust asynchronous web servers. Additionally, the content explores frameworks like Dara and Quart for building web apps and APIs in a Pythonic async environment.

Beginners Should Use Django, Not Flask Article

This opinion piece by Bite Code states why developers new to the web space should use Django, even though Flask has the simpler “hello world” which makes it attractive.

pynecone: Web Apps in Pure Python Project

🕸 Web apps in pure Python 🐍

paperless-ngx: Scan, Index & Archive Your Physical Docs Project

A community-supported supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents

frappe: Low Code Web Framework for Python Project

Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

reactpy: It’s React, but in Python Project

It's React, but in Python

nicegui: Create Web-Based UI With Python Project

Create web-based user interfaces with Python. The nice way.

Build Your Web Application In No Time No Development Knowledge Required Project

Quickly create interactive and customizable multi-page dashboards with Taipy, the open-source Python library, with its simple syntax. This web application builder generates highly interactive interfaces without requiring any knowledge of web development →

Serialize Your Data With Python Article

In this in-depth tutorial, you’ll explore the world of data serialization in Python. You’ll compare and use different data serialization formats, serialize Python objects and executable code, and handle HTTP message payloads.

selenium-python-helium: Write Less Selenium Code Project

Lighter web automation for Python

Improve Your Business Operations and Boost Online Privacy With IPRoyal Article

IPRoyal offers proxy servers for businesses and individuals with excellent features at highly competitive pricing. IPRoyal is the most cost-efficient solution for web scraping, SEO research, ad verification, bypassing geo-restrictions, and more. Try it out with a stunning 30% discount →

App Fiddle: Learn Flask/SQLAlchemy “In Action” Article

App Fiddle is to apps what JSFiddle is to JavaScript. Use this instance to learn Flask/SQLAlchemy, running an app in Codespaces. You can browse and explore using VSCode on the web, customize, and debug a complete project, including a database.

Bottle: Lightweight WSGI Micro Web Framework Article

nosqlapi: NOSQL Database API Article

Build Robust Continuous Integration With Docker and Friends Article

In this tutorial, you’ll use Docker and GitHub Actions to build a robust continuous integration pipeline for a multi-container web application consisting of Flask and Redis. Along the way, you’ll learn how to dockerize a Python web application.

Deep Dive Into Flask Guide Article

Become a better web developer by taking a deep dive into Flask’s internals to learn about its core features and functionality.

We Have to Talk About Flask Article

The most recent release of Flask and Werkzeug have introduced backwardly incompatible changes that are effecting popular add-ons. Miguel writes about how this is a common occurrence and why it keeps happening.

Building Custom Middleware in FastAPI Article

Middleware in a web stack framework is able to intercept all requests allowing you to write common request processing code across all your views. This article shows you how to write middleware for FastAPI.

Accepting Payments With Stripe, Vue.js, and Flask Article

If you’re building a site to make money, at some point you have to collect money. This tutorial shows you how to build a Flask application that integrates with Stripe for payment processing through the Vue.js framework.

Find Your Open-Source Python Application Builder Article

On the one hand, Taipy provides a simple syntax that accelerates the creation of interactive and customizable multiple-page dashboards. Use it without requiring any knowledge of web development. And at the same time, it is designed to build powerful and customized data-driven backend applications →

How to Deploy a Python Flask App With Heroku Article

This tutorial shows you how to build a simple Flask app that is primed and ready to deploy to Heroku. Once the bare bones are built, it guides you through the setup process on GitHub and Heroku so that you can start making automatic deploys in no time.

How to Deploy Reflex Apps to Article

Reflex is a recent entrant to the world of Python web frameworks. is a hosting provider that lets you host your applications in production really quickly. This articles shows you how to deploy Reflex applications on

Flask 3.0.0 Released Article

A Disorganized List of Maintainer Tasks Article

David is the maintainer of Flask and this list shows all that entails. Some things are obvious and others are things you might not be aware of. If you’re participating in the OSS community, it is good to know what is on here, if you just use libraries, appreciate all the work being done!

SQLAlchemy 2.0 Released Article

Mastering Integration Testing With FastAPI Article

This article shows you how to use MongoMock and MockS3 to power your integration tests on a FastAPI based project.

trafilatura: Python & Command-Line Tool to Get Web Text Project

Python & command-line tool to gather text on the Web: web crawling/scraping, extraction of text, metadata, comments

3 IRL Use Cases for Python and HTMX Article

This blog post summarizes three recent uses where the author has applied HTMX to his websites, and how they simplified his process.

quart: An Async Python Micro Web Framework Project

An async Python micro framework for building web applications.

State of WASI Support for CPython: June 2023 Article

This post from Brett covers the current state of WebAssembly targets in Python.

Extending Web Apps With WebAssembly & Python Article

“This article shows how you can run a Python program within another application that uses a Wasm runtime (host) and have the Python program talk to the host and vice versa.”

How to Download Files From URLs With Python Article

In this tutorial, you’ll find the right tools to help you download files from URLs with Python and manage the data retrieval process. You’ll cover data streaming, thread pools, and asynchronous downloads.

Adding Python WASI Support to Wasm Language Runtimes Article

“This article provides an overview of how Python works in WebAssembly environments and provides a step by step guide on how to use it.” See also the associated Hacker News Conversation.

13 Tips and Techniques for Modern Flask Apps Article

Flask is approaching its 13th birthday, and to celebrate, Phillip has written 13 tips for writing modern Flask apps. It covers dealing with JSON, environment based configuration, auto-generated docs, and more.

WebAssembly Platforms & Distilling a Minimum Viable Python Article

Are you familiar with the different versions of WebAssembly? Could WASM be the “write once, run everywhere” solution that developers have searched for? Where does distributing Python applications fit in the narrative? This week on the show, we have CPython core developer Brett Cannon to discuss his recent articles about WebAssembly and MVPy.

Build a JavaScript Front End for a Flask API Article

Most modern websites are powered by a REST API. That way, you can separate the front-end code from the back-end logic, and users can interact with the interface dynamically. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a single-page Flask web application with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What’s New in SQLAlchemy 2.0? Article

SQLAlchemy 2.0 was launched in January. This article reviews the latest changes, whether it is worth the upgrade, and how to go about it.

Launching an HTTP Server in One Line of Python Code Article

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to host files with a single command using an HTTP server built into Python. You’ll also extend it by making a miniature web framework able to serve dynamic content from HTML templates. Along the way, you’ll run CGI scripts and use encryption over HTTPS.

My Favorite Python Packages for Building Flask Applications Article

This blog post lists the Python packages that Patrick prefers to use when building Flask applications. These packages help with developing APIs, building static sites, building web applications, and testing Flask applications.

Build a CRUD REST API in Python Article

This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a REST API with Create, Read, Update, and Delete methods using Flask, SQLAlchemy, Postgres, and Docker.

Jinja Templating Article

With Jinja, you can build rich templates that power the front end of your web applications. But you can use Jinja without a web framework running in the background. Anytime you want to create text files with programmatic content, Jinja can help you out.

Building Desktop Apps With Electron & Django Article

Electron allows you to build desktop applications using web stack technologies. This article shows you how to take a Django project and Electron-ify it.

Python and Rust Async Web Server Performance Article

This post compares asynchronous web performance between a Python application using Uvicorn and a Rust application using Axum. A similar data-serving program is written in both applications with very little performance difference.

Securely Deploy a FastAPI App With NGINX and Gunicorn Article

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use NGINX, and Gunicorn+Uvicorn to deploy a FastAPI app, and generate a free SSL certificate for it.

Kafka Messaging With Python & Polylith Article

Get started with Apache Kafka to produce & consume messages with Python. All this in a Polylith workspace, for a nice developer experience and to easily re-use existing code.

Use Okta and Oso to Secure a FastAPI + SQLAlchemy App Article

FastAPI is really fast and SQLAlchemy is really…SQL-y. But what good is a fast and SQL-y application if it isn’t secure? This post shows you how to wire a typical web application to Okta and Oso for authentication and authorization.

frogmouth: A Markdown Browser for Your Terminal Project Started in 2023

A Markdown browser for your terminal

faststream: Build Asynchronous Stream Services Project

FastStream is a powerful and easy-to-use Python framework for building asynchronous services interacting with event streams such as Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS and Redis.

microdot: Impossibly Small Web Framework for MicroPython Project

The impossibly small web framework for Python and MicroPython. High Performance Python Web Server Project

Bringing Http/Https and WebSockets High Performance servers for PyPy3 and Python3

pyvibe: Generate Styled HTML Pages From Python Project Started in 2023

Generate styled HTML pages from Python

PythonMonkey: JavaScript Engine Embedded in Python Project

A Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine embedded into the Python VM, using the Python engine to provide the JS host environment.

PyNest: FastAPI Framework Like NestJS Project Started in 2023

PyNest is a Python framework built on top of FastAPI that follows the modular architecture of NestJS

JobSpy: Scraper for LinkedIn, Indeed & ZipRecruiter Project Started in 2023

Jobs scraper library for LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor & ZipRecruiter

dara: Create Interactive Web Apps in Pure Python Project Started in 2023

Dara is a dynamic application framework designed for creating interactive web apps with ease, all in pure Python.

panther: Web Framework for Building Async APIs Project

Fast & Friendly Web Framework For Building Async APIs With Python 3.10+

gracy: Better API Management Project Started in 2023

Gracy helps you handle failures, logging, retries, throttling, and tracking for all your HTTP interactions.

ApiLogicServer: Customizable Database Web App Projects Project

Instantly create customizable database web app projects, providing API, Admin UI, and unique declarative business logic.

flask-muck: RESTful APIs Using Flask and SqlAlchemy Project Started in 2023

🧹 Flask REST framework for generating CRUD APIs and OpenAPI specs in the SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow/Pydantic application stack.

Google-Colab-Selenium: Selenium in Colab Notebooks! Project Started in 2023

The best way to use Selenium in Google Colab Notebooks!

uapi: Microframework for HTTP APIs Project

markdown-crawler: Multithreaded Web Crawler Project Started in 2023

A multithreaded 🕸️ web crawler that recursively crawls a website and creates a 🔽 markdown file for each page, designed for LLM RAG

krypton: Data Encryption at Rest and IAM for Python Project

Data encryption at rest and IAM for Python

Clientele: Loveable Python API Clients From OpenAPI Schemas Project Started in 2023

Generate loveable Python HTTP API Clients

grablinks: Extract Links From a Remote HTML Resource Project

A simple and streamlined Python script to extract and filter links from a remote HTML resource.