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Python 3.12 and Other Releases

Python version updates including releases such as Python 3.11.7, 3.12.0 Alpha 6, and more are discussed. The potential breaking change related to Enum classes and mixins in Python 3.11 is highlighted, indicating the need for developers to be cautious when upgrading. Additionally, the release statuses of various Python versions, from betas to stable versions, are mentioned in the documents within this topic.

Python 3.12.0 Released Article

SciPy Builds on Windows Are a Minor Miracle Article

Moving SciPy to Meson meant finding a different Fortran compiler on Windows, which was particularly tricky to pull off for conda-forge. This blog tells the story about how things looked pretty grim for the Python 3.12 release, and how things ended up working out just in the nick of time. Associated HN discussion.

Python 3.12: Cool New Features for You to Try Article

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the new features in Python 3.12. You’ll explore how the new release extends the better error messages and faster code execution found in the previous version, and you’ll try out the improvements to f-strings and type variable syntax.

Python 3.12 Preview: More Intuitive and Consistent F-Strings Article

In this tutorial, you’ll preview one of the upcoming features of Python 3.12, which introduces a new f-string syntax formalization and implementation. The new implementation lifts some restrictions and limitations that affect f-string literals in Python versions lower than 3.12.

Python 3.12.0 From a Supply Chain Security Perspective Article

Seth is the Security Developer-in-Residence at the Python Software Foundation and this article is part of his on-going effort to document and improve the release process and tools. Associated HN discussion.

Python 3.12.1 Released Article

Python 3.11.7 Released Article

Python 3.12: Subinterpreters Article

In this tutorial, you’ll see one of the new features of Python 3.12 and a proposed change to Python 3.13, addressing how subinterpreters work in the CPython program. The changes are described in PEP 684 and PEP 554.

Python 3.13.0 Alpha 2 Is Now Available Article

datetime.utcnow() Is Now Deprecated Article

Python 3.12 has deprecated utcnow() and utcfromtimestamp(). This article covers why and what to use instead.

When Should You Upgrade to Python 3.12? Article

Python 3.12 has been released—when should you switch to using it?

Python 3.13.0 Alpha 1 Is Now Available Article

urllib3 v2.0.0 Is Now Generally Available Article

How Do You Install Python? Article

Python 3.12.0 Release Candidate 2 Available Article

Python 3.12: What Didn’t Make the Headlines Article

There has been plenty of coverage about the changes in Python 3.12, this article tries to show what fell through the cracks. It talks about performance, pathlib improvements, and a few other changes.

Python 3.12.0 RC 1 Released Article

Python 3.12.0 Release Candidate 3 Available Article

Mypy 1.0 Released Article

Python 3.12.0 Beta 4 Released Article

Python 3.11.5, 3.10.13, 3.9.18, and 3.8.18 Released Article

Python 3.11.6 Released Article

NumPy 1.24 Released Article

PyPy v7.3.12 Released Article

Python 3.10 Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda Article

Pillow 9.4.0 Released Article

Python 3.12.0 Alpha 6 Released Article

Python 3.11.2, Python 3.10.10 and 3.12.0 Alpha 5 Are Available Article

Python 3.11.4, 3.10.12, 3.9.17, 3.8.17, 3.7.17, and 3.12.0 Beta 2 Released Article

Python 3.12.0 Beta 3 Released Article

Python 3.12: A Game-Changer in Performance and Efficiency Article

Work on Python 3.12 is well under way and much of it focuses on performance improvements. This article gives you a tour of the changes to come, including improved parallelism, better memory management, even more improved error reporting, and more.

Enum With str or int Mixin Breaking Change in Python 3.11 Article

A change in how Python handles str and int mixins in Enum classes might break your code when you upgrade to Python 3.11. Read on to see the problem and how Python 3.11’s new Enum classes solve it.

Using Python 3.11 With AWS Lambda Article

AWS Lambda currently limits Python to version 3.9. This article shows you how to get around that and use a more recent version of your favorite language.